Your Expert Travel Agent: Tanee Griffin

I love to travel. I became an independent travel agent part-time. I'm helping others turn their dream vacations into a reality. So pack your bags! It's time to turn your Dream Vacation into a Reality.

Reach out to me today to get started on booking your next destination. Please share our page with family & friends so they can experience life's journey right at their fingertips too!

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A great travel adviser...

Knows the World

The best advisers travel the globe — scouting out hotels, deepening relationships with tour guides, and gleaming firsthand knowledge of destinations for you.

Makes you a VIP

Expect customized itineraries and insider access all over the world. I am also able to secure special benefits you can’t get on your own, including exclusive hotel amenities such as preferred rates and availability, room upgrades (if available), and more.

Guides You

I can assist with everything from big-picture aspects (including knowing where to go — and when) to the details that matter (think booking hotel rooms with the best views).

Why should I use a travel agent?

Even in the age of online booking, travel agents are a great source of information and discounts. A travel agent can make sure that your trip is tailored to you, assist you in case of unexpected problems, and help you anticipate potential issues in advance.

Do you book group travel?

Yes! Do you have an upcoming conference for your business or a student trip? We can handle the details and ensure that you have access to group seating, entrances, and discounts.

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